Anti-Pain Pillow

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Can't find the ideal sleeping position? Are you pregnant and the nights have become a nightmare for you?

Filled with Soft Tech fibers, this pillow will bring you full-body support, promoting healthy breathing and restful sleep.

The comfort of the pillow can be felt from the first day. Purchase our pillows today and finally indulge in a night of restful sleep.


This pillow is anti-allergic, ideal even for the most sensitive people. Generously oversized (130cm x 70cm), long enough, it allows you to stretch out and support both sides of the body.

Perfect to use between the legs or to use on the floor as a floor cushion. Children can use the pillow on the floor, for homework and for relaxing.
This product is truly designed for anyone who wants something comfortable, relaxing, and giving moments of well-being

The pillow is also highly recommended for pregnancy. It is the essential accessory to relieve a mother's back pain.

It will allow you to support your spine, and in this way, you will be able to find the best position to relieve the weight of your baby bump.


Long-lasting comfort - The comfort of the pillow is felt from day one, relieves pressure on the back by properly aligning the spine and hips. 

Have a great night thanks to the U-shape specially designed to relieve and relax your body.
It also keeps the baby in the right position while breastfeeding.


Finally, you can have full nights and truly restful sleep, which will also have a positive impact on your mood. 

Olivier P. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Very effective, it really makes you feel better! You just have to find the position you are most comfortable in, I really can't help but love it, haha!" 

Catherine H. 

"Too comfortable, this fantastic pillow is very useful to me. I feel in a bubble of well-being, it calms me a lot."